ABout Operation Handmade Blessings

My name is Toccara Feliciano.  Some already know me through scrapbooking websites and through my online women ministry Beautiful Awakening.  This operation is all about giving back to those who are in need.  I am apart of a ministry locally where I live called  Family of Faith people of hope ministries.  People of Hope Ministries was founded by my father years ago and they have been in operation for over five years!  We are in outreach ministry that serves people in our community Feeding The Needy those who are living on the streets we feed them and give clothes and blankets to them through this ministry.  We have a Nursing Home Ministry where we do weekly bible study and love visits to those who are no longer able to take care of themselves and they are living outside of family and in a situation that is not normal to them.  We encourage them through words of encouragement bible studies, gift giving on holiday's and throughout the year.  This is where my idea of an operation came in.  I saw some of the people there that loved hair bows and wore pins on there shirts were so fashionable.  I also saw that they read books, do word searches and often when I ask how far along they are in their word searches they have lost there places and get fustrated when trying to show me.  So I thought with my talent of handmade crafts I could make some of these items for them and I did and gave them out last week and they were so excited and they had me put the stuff on them before I left.  They were admiring each other on the hair clips and pins for the shirts.  That is where I got an Epiphany that this is the main reason I was awarded this gift.  It is to share it with those who can get the most benefit from it.  Sure it is so fun to participate in scrapbook challenges, and swaps, and make things for my family but the greatest thing is to be a blessing to those who who are in need of a blessing through my hand making ability.  I am being used in so many ways to help others and I am excited about this.  I will be taking donations of handmade items all year long and will be starting at Ybor City Nursing Home giving items out and depending on the response and donations of items if we can go to others.  I pray that you will be able to be a blessing to this operation that has a love for People and want to do the work that God wants all of us to do and that is give and be a blessing to those in need all over the world. I have high dreams and expectations of this operation.  The people will love it and if  I can put that smile on their faces that I saw when I gave them some items that I made more often It will make all the difference in the world to them.