Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Operation Handmade Blessing Christmas Outreach

Christmas Outreach 2014  Operation Handmade Blessings
I wanted to share the awesome time we had December 21st 2013 at our 3rd year of being a blessing to the elderly and those at the Nursing.  There were truly blessed.  I want to thank all those who gave their Time, Money, creativity to helping this cause.  I can't express the gratitude that I have that God gave me an idea, I obeyed it and people actually help make this happen.  I want to thank my Husband who each year help me and staying up late at night to help wrap gifts and get gift bags together.  Also my daughter Destiny for staying up late to help also.  To my Volunteer Staff who did an amazing job catering to the elderly and making sure they had a wonderful time.  We danced, sung, played games, did Christmas crafts, had the kids perform, beautified the women's nails and hands, and gave them gifts that they could use.  They really enjoyed themselves and they really spoke well of us.  Thank You all again!  I have added the pictures from this event.  If you like what we are doing and want to get involved please send an e-mail we would love to have your help in any area we have available in year 2014 of December.