Sunday, June 12, 2011

Almost Time

The time is almost here where I get to put smiles on a bunch of faces.  Thanks to those all around the world who helped me make this mission's first 3 months a success.  I am over joyed that so many thought this was a very nice mission and wanted to help.  I received so many donate handmade items that I have enough to go give to every person in that home.  June 23rd Is the day I will be distributing items out to the elderly.  Some of you know that I already attend the nursing home on Thursday's to teach bible study.  SO that day we will teach for a few but the rest of the time we will be giving out bags with items for people all over the world.  I am so happy.  I will be adding pictures so you all can see. 

Second Round.

There will be the second round which will start in July end in Septemeber.  If you did not get a chance to participate here is your chance.  I know so responded over on and said I would love to be right now I don't have time but would love to for the second round.  It is almost here.  Please sign up!  If you have a gift to make things by hand this is a great opportunity to give back.  To bless someone else with a free gift made with your hands.

If you are a memeber over on just look for Operation Handmade Blessing round 2 in the swap forum in july and you can sign up there.  If not please see the tab on how to participate and it will give you the sign up guidelines. 

BIG, HUGE THANKS!!!!! To everyone who participated.  you are awesome and you put thought and care into the items you sent for them.  I am so happy and thankful to you.  May God Bless every effort you have made towards this mission and may he bless the works of your hands.  I pray that he answer a special prayer that you have just because you made a scafrice.

Thank You!