Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pictures of Operation Handmade Blessings in June

I Finally got the pictures on here from the Operation Handmade Blessings Distribution day in June.  We had a blast and they all were sooo excited!  I have been so busy with my new job and getting settled there I had not had time to post these pictures from that day.  They all want pictures I took so that They can put them in the frames that Melody made for them.  Again thank you all for giving.  You have truly been a blessing and I hope you will be able to join the next one.  Here are some photo's of the event.  I took photo's of only those that were able to give their consent to take pictures.  When I asked who would like pictures they all said that they were.  The gift bags you see in their hand consist of One handmade card with writing letting them know we love them, one bookmark, and one gift item.  SO received word searches and some gift boxes I made by hand for my two special ladies, Mother taylor and Mother Mary.

 Here are most of the items that I gave out.  I had my three little ladies helpingl me do baggies and spereate everything. They were a big help.  Thanks to my children for getting those bags all set and ready to give out.
 My sister over here so happy and excited to receive her bag.
 She was also excited! She tried toget some for her kids and grand's.Lol.  I told her  this was for her and to enjoy the gift.
 SisterMaira, love her.  She is so sweet.  She wipes her seat before sitting down and she does not come to bible study unless she is in full makeup and hair is out.  She is such a perfectionist.  Her room is beautiful and nice and neat.  She only speaks spanish but understands english very well.  She also sings up a song in spanish every thursday.

 Mother Mary gives me a high five every week.  She get so excited to see us.  She knows the word and she will getup and teach if you let her.  She is 85!  She loves my little handmade items I make for her.  She used to be a missionary.
 My sister here came out and had a good time.  She tells me each week that she loves the way I teach bible study.  I thank God for the gift.
 She is always smiling and doing well.  She is a sweet heart and she loves to listen to the word.
She does not come every Thursday she is very sick.  SHe has diabetes and it has her down a lot and we always keep her in prayer about it.

Stay Turned for the next open time frame for Operation Handmade Blessings.  This was an exciting time for me and our Minisrty.