Monday, December 24, 2012

Operation Handmade Blessing Outreach December 22, 2012

Well the time we had all been waiting for! Opearation Handmade blessing was a great success. I got some volunteers that came out to help and we had 2 1/2 hours of great fun. We had a gift wrapping station, nail station pictures, great Christmas Music and Dance. They all love their items and some waiting till they got back to their rooms to go through their stuff.. I want to say thank you for the bottom of my heart for all those that took part in this mission that made it a great success.

Thanks to: Anna, Bonnie, Adriann, Debbie, Mandi, Terri, Melba, Carolina, Chelsie, Nathalie, Julianna, Maria, Marlene, Brandy, Carmin, Jr, Destiny, Amaya, jayla, Dana, People of Hope Ministries, Yainis, Alessandra, and Christian. All these wonderful people donated time, money, products, Talents and most of all the gift of handmade items and a heart for those in need. I am still in awe of how God worked all that out and how we all had such a wonderful time. These men and Women were so happy they thanked us for being there and the smiles on their faces. the volunteer staff was Julianna, Yainis, Alessandra, Christian, Jr, Destiny, Amaya, Jayla, myself. I am so grateful that God put this in me to do this and that he has given me the heart to do this. So enough of me talking here is the fun part and i wanted to show all you wonderful people that donated how the outcome was. Thanks again you have now blessed someone with a handmade blessing!

We hope you enjoyed this wonderful time!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Operation Handmade Blessing 2012 Outreach Countdown

1 day till OPERATION HANDMADE BLESSINGS Serive a great community

The time is right around the corner and I think we have done a great job ladeis. I have so many wonderful things to give out this Saturday. Picture frames, door hangers, trinket boxes for men and women, hats, scarfs, pocket hangers, book marks, blankets, shrits pins address books, photo albums you name it. I want to send a special thank to those that helped out that are my co-workers. Carolina, Chelsie, Nathalie For donating items, Brandy for donating funs to help finalize this mission, Alessandra for volunteering to come out on Saturday hope to see you there. Yainis and Julianna for assisting with the distribution. I am very excited about this outreach and I told them all about it today when I went to visit them. Please enjoy the images of all the donated items. There are still a couple of things I wil be picking up tomorrow. I promised pictures so here they are. Please feel free to ask questions.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Special Thanks

To all those at that have joined the Operation Handmade Blessings.  You all have some great ideas and some of you have already starting making items.  Katie has made a beautiful frame.

If you would like to participate through the scrapbooking site thread please go to  We have lot's of ideas going on here.  There are about 13 ladies that are participating and having a great time giving back.  If you are looking to see what are some excpeted items please see the tab above for a list of items that are accepted but not limited to.  I hope you are able to join and the turn out for this year is awesome so I am excited that we will be helping so many! 


Monday, July 23, 2012

2012 Operation Handmade Blessing

I am back again for OPERATION HANDMADE BLESSINGS!!! Those of you that participated last year we had a blast and thank you so much for your gifts and giving.  Those men and women in the Nursing Home enjoyed every handmade item you gave.
For those of you that do not know what I am talking about here is a little background and you can also get the entire mission at the site I provided above.
This is a differnt swap.  This swap you will be on the giving end.  Over a year ago I came up with operation handmade blessings to use my gift of crafting and scrapping to give back to those who are living in nursing homes and Assisted Living Facilities.  I started making handmade that we make for swaps and made them for the women there.  Shirt pins, altered boxes for their belongings like jewelry letters and photos, hair clips, cards for birthdays and anniversaries, beaded jewelry and so on. I then realized that this really blessed them because of lot of them had no family and the normal life there were used to was now gone.  I decided that If God gave me this gift, I am going to use it to be a blessing so that he can get the glory from it.  Then here is were operation handmade blessing came in.  I said to myself that I may not be the only one that is interested in doing this so I posted it here on and got a great group of people That wanted to help out and make and send items. 
 I will have more than one distribution date.  There will be one in [color:red]October 18th[/color] so any items themed for October you can have them in [color:red]by the 10th[/color]  [b][color:red] one December 22nd[/color][/b] So have those items in by [color:red]December 10th[/color]. I am making and collecting things for the months of August September October Novemeber and December.  Anything that is put on your heart to give.  Here are accepted handmade items: 
[color:red]Crochet hats, socks and scarfs. altered boxes, handmade hair clips, shirt pins, handmade bracelets, greeting cards of all occasions, paperbag albums for those I take picture with for keepsakes for them, handmade pockets to hang on wheelchairs and walkers to put little itmes they like to carry around.  bookmarks for books and bibles, I also give them word search puzzles but I usually purchase those since I don't want anyone to send bought items.  handmade bows for the Christmas tree.  They have a tree in the cafeteria that they decorate, any banners for the tree, fall themed items for the month of October and November, anmd much more... you can be creative and send anything your heart desires.  I got such a variety last time that they were just so exicted to receive bags full of handmade goodness.  Please visit the site to get more details on operation handmade blessing.  [/color]
If you would like to participate please post here and I will add your name.  you can specify what you would like to give and send. For participationg your name will be added on the blog for a 2012 participant and a blinki for your blog that you are participant in Operation Handmade Blessing.  I will also send every person something that participate in this years operation. I will be sending something out in January for the participants.  I hope to see everyone who participated last time and also those that wanted to participate that was a little too late, and those that did not know about this last time.  Please check the information tabs to get all information and details.

-Toccara Feliciano
Operation Handmade Blessing