Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello to all!  I hope everyone is doing well today.  I wanted to share some more photo's from the nursing home.  This is my newest friend.  She has been coming to bible study for the last 2-3 weeks and I have been speaking with her trying to get to know her and let her know we are all here for whatever needs she may have.  This Thursday she was the first one in bible study and I gotthe opportunity to do a one on one with her.  She is really sweet.  Amy from signed up for operation Handmade Blessing and she sent some of her beautiful jewelry to me to give to those in operation handmade blessings.  I showed her all the ones I had and she picked this one.  I asked her if I could get a pricture of here with her item because I told her a friend of mine made this and she would be so happy to have a picture of her wearing it.  She said yes.  so these are some photo's of here with the bracelet on.  She did not put on the earring because she had diamonds studs in and she did not want to take them out so I told here that was okay.

Thanks Amy for your generosity and you helped make someone's day!  I appreciate you all!  Much love Toccara!  IF you would like to help see the tab how to participate to be a blessing!