Monday, December 22, 2014

Operation Handmade Blessing December 2014

I wanted to finally share the photos I have for Operation Handmade Blessing 2014.  I was a little disappointed because we were really restricted on the photos we could take of the residence while giving them their gifts. We were restricted to only take photos of those that could consent and only a few could.  The rest they did not give consent .  In all it was still a good day.  We did not have much volunteer staff this year but the ones we did have it was great.  We had another ministry that was out there giving hope through the word and we just enjoyed giving out the gifts and painting nails, doing crafting projects with them, and giving out free clothes to the residence.  We had a lot of gifts that we gave out.  Thanks to those that participated through and those that participated through our Local Ministries, with their donations!  Even those at my workplace that believe in the mission and joined up on this day.  My family and I are always truly blessed after leaving the nursing home.  We got word that some passed away and some are not even able to come out of their rooms, so this time around we did a lot of visiting in the room since a lot of people were not able to come out due to worse conditions.  Here are some photos of the event.  I still have a few that need to be uploaded but here is a start.